Is your student struggling?

The first line of help is your teacher! Before seeking extra help like a tutor, talk with your child's teacher about their struggles and what you're seeing.  Get ideas how you can help and make a plan with your teacher on how to help your child.  Maybe it's as simple as going to tutorials with the teacher or a needed change in your child's learning environment.  

Learning Styles 

Also ask your teacher to get guidance on what your child's learning style might be. Tutors are great, but if information is constantly being presented in a way that's inconsistent with the child's learning style, learning will still be a struggle. Have you noticed your child can follow directions better by seeing pictures (visual learning)? Or do they do better if there's a physical activity instead of listening or watching (kinesthetic learning)?  Finding that out, with your student, what their learning style can be a huge boost to their learning and turn learning from a struggle to a joy!  After narrowing down what style your child might be, try some changes in their learning environment at home and school.  

Here are some resources on learning styles:

Understanding Learning Styles:

Learning style inventory (questionnaire for your student, better for older students)

Learning style online quiz:

Sometimes, you just need extra help

Going to a tutor is also a good resource.  There are many tutors online and locally all with varying hourly rates and speciality.   One free resource for many subjects and ages is the non-profit, Khan Academy:  

Another way is web-based games to reinforce learning.  Here's an article with 10 sites that might help your child: